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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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I'm confident folks will find this information compelling, graphic artist Neal Adams has produced some short videos illustrating that most, if not all of the planets in our solar system are growing constantly with several million tons of solar matter falling upon each planet and their satellites, adding material, along with the gravitational pulls upon each other for stretching them continuously. 

Earth is an expanding planet.  

Neal's video narratives and other informative links are below. 

In addition to all these documents, animated videos below, you may be interested in the movie "The Day After Tomorrow", a fictional story derived from a nonfiction book titled The Coming Global Superstorm, written by Art Bell & Whitley Strieber.  
This has info about past ice ages in PDF

And more documents can be found here:

National Geographic offers this video file to illustrate the probable trigger for our pole shift:
(Illustrates intense solar wind storm that can and may cause Earth's poles to shift, the 'killshot')

Linda Moulton Howe's Earth Files website 
Search using terms such as [global warming] and [ice age]  

The most common element on Earth, by a huge margin, is "iron", diatomic [two-atom sets], with each of the two atoms in a ferrous molecule being charged either positive or negative complementively.  Iron pervades Earth's crust and throughout Earth's mantle.  If Earth's magnetic poles shift, then what of all these jillions of iron molecules, in the crust and mantle,  which have laid in their respective magnetic alignments for several thousand years to match the relatively constant placement of Earth's magnetic poles?  

Most everyone will realize such a global magnetic shift will put Earth into massive convulsions, perhaps for centuries to come.  The magnetic poles have shifted a few times since the assumed period of the dinosaurs, a time in which the Andes Mountains and the Rocky Mountains did not exist [see video below for how mountains are formed].  What might we do about our survivability, infrastructure, commerce, food, peace of mind, safety, social conventions and ethics in establishing a brave new world after this crimson dawn in human evolution?  Fundamental principles, relatively universal principles are at the core of this website and its theme of PROUT, the Progressive Utilization Theory.

Neal Adams' Animations

Illustrations and video animations, most from NASA films, demonstrating planetary expansion/enlargement as an ongoing process in our solar system, from master illustrator, Neal Adams, with audio.  

Planetary Expansion Videos 

Illustrating planetary expansion of Earth  

Growing Earth -- Earth Grows, and Implicit Disproving of Pangea theory  

Europa Video from NASA:  Neal demonstrates Europa is "growing"

Earth's Moon -- An Expanding Planet

More evidence illustrating that Mars has been and continues to "grow"

Shows in a small section of Mars, how current state is from planetary expansion, not from erosion by water, air or meteorite  

Shows Earth's expansion, focusing on how the Great Lakes region and the St Lawrence river in North America were created. 

Clears up misconception of how India and the Himalayas were created, and other implicit disproving of Pangea theory.  

Illustrates, through NASA video, how Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, has been expanding  

More illustration of Earth's expansion, featuring video from Heinz Haber, 1965, propounder of the "Expanding Earth" theory, proclaiming that Earth was about half the size it is today a few hundred million years ago: ideas suppressed by many contemporaries.  

Earth's Estimated Growth Chart  

How Mountains Form  

Extract of Geologist Dr James Maxlow of his research into our expanding Earth, refuting the popularly held theory of plate tectonics.  

Crustal Age Map of Earth with Hidden Subduction Zones  

Globe Illustrations:  

North Pole Backwards In Evolution

Global Warming?  Coming Ice Age?  Earth Changes?  Yikes!  
It includes, though is not limited to more precipitation from the current  warming redistributing water, including new accumulation in cold areas, something coming in time.  Another is that the water currents that keep  temperate climates in what should be cold areas, such as the way the Gulf  Stream keeps ports open in northern Europe, such as in Britain and St Petersberg, will redirect and consequently freeze over, affecting commerce  and causing migrations to move southward. 

There's evidence of GIGANTIC cooling winds, as illustrated in the movie "The  Day After Tomorrow", a fictional story derived from a nonfiction book titled The Coming Global Superstorm, a book written by Art Bell & Whitley Strieber.  Woolly mammoths have been found in Siberia and Alaska that had  been eating buttercup plants, plants that grow in warm climates, were frozen  in motion as if running.  How does such a huge animal in a warm climate "freeze" in motion?  Just such a superstorm is exactly what happened, has happened many  times and will happen in the future, perhaps even in our lifetime,  considering what Baba has implicated to us.

The bulk of the current warming is coming from "within" the planet, particularly under the oceans, which warms the ocean water, causing  increased precipitation.  The sun has been going through humongous upheavals in recent years that have shattered known precedents and rhythmic patterns determine from geologists' research.  There's evidence that the vitality  distributed by the sun as energy becomes mass as it integrates with the  planets, thus as to whether the planet will shrink or expand, it appears the expansion evidence by our planet is due to this feeding from the sun.  We  can anticipate that further upheavals from the sun may also blow so hard  that this is what will shift the magnetic field, which is at its weakest now since geologists have been researching it throughout Earth's history.  

Convulsing Sun may portend extraordinary changes in our planet, very likely within your lifetime.

While this solar shower remains constant, during the life of our sun, on occassion, perhaps many thousands of years apart, extraordinary flares emanate from the sun, some so strong that they affect the magnetic fields of several or all planets in our solar system, flipping the polarity which will last another several thousand years until some similar event occurs, or perhaps a massive object transits through or near our solar system, it's own mass and/or magnetic resonance affecting planets in our solar system.  This video below illustrates what may happen in such events, indeed, what may happen within the next few years

You may want to expedite your viewing by forwarding the time to 5:00 minutes into the video.