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Friday, March 25, 2011

An Economy Matching Nature -- Social and Economic Ideals

People have developed the ability to perceive the tiny structures of molecules, atoms and subatomic particles, and they have done the same with the larger cosmology of solar systems, galaxies, novae and beyond, recognizing the similarities of shapes and patterns between the smallest and the largest groupings of forms and energies.  This demonstrates -- ever so slightly if not grandly conspicuously -- the presence of a hologramic Universe.  What makes the Universe work so efficiently, including the economy of our biological forms in the societies and working collectives of single cells cooperating in unison?  I think indeed that examples of the world's, even the Universe's greatest economic theory are made evident in the conspicuously successful operations extant within the Universe, including within our bodies.  Thus, within our language's paradigm, the only worthwhile "ism" for human endeavors is "Universalism", where none are neglected and all are included, both beings, skills and paradigms.
Translations of Lao Tze: See the world as your self.  Have faith in the way things are.  Love the world as your self; then you can care for all things.

Therefore those who regard the world as they do the fortune of their own body can govern the world.  Those who love the world as they do their own body can be entrusted with the world.

PROUT Facilitates:

• economic self-reliance
• cooperatives
• environmental balance and
• universal spiritual values

Contemporary capitalism is based on profit, selfishness and greed.  The tragic result is that half of world population lives, suffers and dies in poverty.  Thus, such is not just a Mom 'n Pop operation, it has gone far beyond what Adam Smith originally offered. 

We need a new paradigm with a new cooperative model to share the resources of the planet for the welfare of all living beings.  :

• food
• clothing
• housing
• education
• medical care

An honest job with fair wages is also a human right.  The minimum wage must be sufficient so that people can buy their necessities.

1) Small Scale Private Enterprise
• encourage creativity
• individuals, families and small partnerships
• produce only nonessential goods and services

2) Cooperatives
• give local people control over their economic destiny
• called “economic democracy”
• workers own their enterprises
• Industry, trade, agriculture, banking run by producer and consumer cooperatives
• largest part of an economy

3) Strategic Key Industries

• too large or complex for coops
• managed as public utilities by immediate government
• belong to society and should never be privatized
• key source of government and affected regional revenues, not taxes
• natural resources are property of all, thus no privatization of natural resources, extraction or raw access as domain of locale

These are principles, not a rigid mold to be imposed on any society.  It is a holistic set of dynamic principles that can be applied appropriately by citizens and leaders to help their region or country prosper and achieve self-reliance in an ecological way. 

For any desired concept to be made manifest, the continuities sufficient to make it so must be comprehended, understood, maintained and challenged so that we may remain ever vigilant in assuring their veracity -- both the concepts and those entrusted with manifesting them -- and always be prepared for altering manifestation and operations due to changes of time, place, and person/people, thus ever preempting and preventing dogmas and exploitation of all kinds.

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