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Friday, March 18, 2011

Uncovering the Shroud of Secrecy About Modern Medical Mistreatment and Health -- Are You Next?

There's a cover-up involving your health and the health of your fellow Americans.  Misdiagnosis, some of them of the side effects of the very medicine you've been prescribed, results in many thousands of deaths in America every year.  Denaturing what we eat and preventing publicity of the consequences of such deanimation of our food is a, if not the, major contributor to deteriorating standards of health, while deaths associated from medical malpractice are enormous in USA. 

Modern allopathy is a for-profit disease industry that survives only when millions of people get sick, and stay that way.  And how are you?  Contributing, humbly, to the lascivious profitability of your superiors, many of whom do no work at all, profiting at your life's frailties, even your demise? 

Is the final cover-up, in your case, your own shroud from the coroner?  Watch this:  

Such will not happen in a PROUT paradigm.