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Monday, April 11, 2016

PROUT Study Guide Introduction - 04 PROUT's Political Objectives

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Security for all members of society must be ensured, without depending on the bureaucratic structure.  Security includes not only a guarantee of food, clothes, housing, health care, education and other minimum requirements of life, but also security in the psychological sense.  In Third World countries, the cause of insecurity is the economy.  Western countries face a sense of psychic insecurity due to the influence of a quantitative, materialistic monoculture.  Overemphasis on materialistic values has created an identity crisis.  Extremely alienated, an individual standing before the high wall of organized power structures feels helpless.  To eradicate this sense of insecurity and alienation, spiritual awakening of the self is essential.  Human beings must restore the sense of unity with their fellow beings, other living beings, nature, society etc.  Secondly, the bureaucratic power structure should be replaced by humanistic management.

The basic human urge for freedom is the motivating force behind social evolution and progress.  Freedom should be considered in the physico-psycho-spiritual sense.  Physical freedom means the guarantee of the minimum requirements of life, and it cannot be unlimited.  Intellectual freedom implies an arrangement for the development of intellect that can overcome environmental and pseudo-cultural influences.  Freedom of thought is more important than freedom of expression.  In every society, education, culture, religious institutions and the mass media manipulate the collective mind.  Human values are distorted and pseudo-values are imposed.  To ensure real freedom in the intellectual realm, the education system should be reoriented to develop intuitional and creative consciousness.  'Freedom from' hunger, poverty, exploitation, oppression, superstition, dogma, etc. is not enough to guarantee freedom.  There must be an idea of 'freedom to'.

Spiritual liberation is a state where the individual mind realizes the sense of unity and harmony with the entire universe.  The awakening of this consciousness is the goal of freedom, not the expression of unbridled passion and any demand whatsoever of the limited ego.  It is the responsibility of society to create opportunities for every member to pursue their spiritual goal without hindrance.  In this regard Sarkar wrote, “I want that every person should be guaranteed the minimum physical requirements of life, every person should get scope for full exploitation of psychic potentiality, every person should get equal opportunity to attain absolute truth, and endowed with all the glories and achievements of the world, every person should march towards the Absolute.”  The 'Absolute', in a spiritual sense, is the state of total liberation.   

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