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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mexican Immigrant Beaten, Tased and Murdered by Border Patrol Agents, Video Included

This news report, from Democracy Now!, covers an event, a murder, from two years ago involving a pack of border patrol in an orgy of malignant brutality having their way with a man who dies at their hands from their violent soiree.

A new PBS documentary exposes the tasing and beating death of a Mexican immigrant by U.S. border agents in California and has renewed scrutiny of what critics call a culture of impunity.

In May 2010, 32-year-old Anastasio Hernández-Rojas was caught trying to enter the United States from Mexico near San Diego. He had previously lived in the United States for 25 years and was the father of five U.S.-born children. Instead of deportation, Hernández-Rojas’s detention ended in his death. A number of border officers were seen beating him, before one tasered him at least five times, resulting in his death.

The agents say they confronted Hernández-Rojas because he became hostile and resisted arrest. However, previously undisclosed videos recorded on cellphones by eyewitnesses on the scene show a different story.

"All eyewitnesses that we spoke to basically tell the same story of a man hogtied and handcuffed behind his back, not resisting, being beaten repeatedly by batons, by kicks, by punches, by the use of a taser, for almost 30 minutes until he died," says reporter John Carlos Frey, whose exposé aired in a national television special last Friday night as part of a joint investigation by the PBS broadcast, "Need to Know," and the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute.

Democracy Now! also spoke with Hernández-Rojas’s widow, María Puga. "My husband was tortured. He was severely beaten. And they’ve destroyed an entire family," says Puga, speaking through a Spanish-English translator. "All we want is justice. And we need your help to get that justice."

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