For a More Progressively Evolving Society

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Progressive Non-Reactionary Solutions and FREE Download

Today, human life is thrown into myriad tumults ranging from job security, food security, survivability and even the next meal for oneself and one's family.  Struggle seems to be a factor of life for all living beings, while circumstances -- whether caused, seemingly, by nature, or as a consequence of willful or unwitting results of human endeavors -- while some of that struggle seems exceedingly inequitably distributed and perpetrated through unconscionable [anti-]rationales, ideologies, treaties and laws perpetuating the compromise of others' livelihood and lives.  If each person was a cell in the body of humanity or of Earth itself, the current stasis would be very unhealthy, indeed an unsustainable stasis, a body riddled with a viciously malignant carcinoma.  

A proper homeostasis for humanity and for Earth at large is imperative for life on Earth to survive.  Many geophysical changes we are witnessing today are a force of nature, whereas some of these changes and many other changes are due to unbridled human morbidification of our planet and life upon it -- a gravely serious concern.  

Knowing what and how such concerning matters are happening are imperative for solving such calamitous events from happening, and bringing about shared participation in problem-solving will be an imperative part of solving what humanity faces today.  Rather than complex and unwieldy, the principles of reclaiming our planetary and personal homeostasis are quite simple, pervade the wellbeing of all and the planet as a whole.  Such involves both our dispositions towards each other and the rational utilization and distribution of all resources of self, society and the planet as a whole, with respect for all life forms, not just ourselves.  

PROUT offers fundamental principles that could just as easily describe homeostasis for our body and mind as it does for economic and political remediations that are not reactionary, rather they are homeostatic, optimally homeostatic for all life, well reflected in economic and socio-political realms of life.  Reactionary ideologies often reflect, though in cosmetically contrarian ways, the very same problems they may claim to move against.  

While Marx may, or may not, have been a humanitarian in search of solutions, his complaints about life as he knew them were legitimate in many ways, his reactionism constituted much misery for hundreds of millions of people over several decades.   Yet today, Marxism continues to constitute the bulk of people's efforts in fighting non-communist exploitation, in the hope that somewhere inside it may lead to a solution, despite that following Marxism strictly is both more materialistic than capitalism and denatures humanity further with its denial of subtler realms of human evolution and expression.  See PROUT Compared

To concisely illustrate the architecture of PROUT's solutions, we've created a free download of an alternative economic and political paradigm, as if people and all life matters, for your exploration and inclusion in discussions for remedial action in your environment and community which you can download HERE.