For a More Progressively Evolving Society

Friday, August 12, 2011

What is PROUT?

PROUT is an acronym for Progressive Utilization Theory, a socio-economic philosophy synthesizing physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of human nature with a goal of providing guidance for the evolution of a truly progressively evolving human society.

PROUT presents an alternative to the outmoded capitalist and communist socio-economic paradigms, each having been tried in myriad ways yet proven false as ideologies for a full spectrum of life.  Neither of these approaches have adequately met the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of humanity. PROUT seeks a harmonious balance between economic growth, social development, environmental sustainability, and between individual and collective interests. Combining the wisdom of spirituality with a universal outlook and the struggle for self-reliance, proutist thinkers and activists are creating a new civilizational discourse and planting the seeds for a new way of living affecting every realm of life progressively. 

A few basic tenets of PROUT:

Spirituality and Progress

Human beings are on an evolutionary path toward realizing greater thresholds of subtler realms of consciousness. True progress is movement leading toward self-realization in personal evolution, spiritual qualities such as compassion and love for all beings, and societal development both encouraging and expressing such evolutionary excellencies.  Material or intellectual gains do not necessarily constitute progress unless they contribute to deeper realms of transpersonal well-being.

The progressive orientation of society is maintained by making continual adjustments in the use of physical resources and psychic and social potentialities in accordance with spiritual and NeoHumanistic values. Human beings are encouraged to construct economic and social institutions to facilitate the attainment of our greatest potentialities.

Economic Democracy

Political democracy and economic democracy are mutually inclusive. PROUT advocates economic democracy based on local economic planning, cooperatively managed businesses, local governmental control of natural resources and key industries, and socially agreed upon limits on the individual accumulation of wealth. By decentralizing the economy and making sure decision-making is in the hands of local people, we can ensure the adequate availability of food, shelter, clothing, health care and education for all.

A decentralized economy can better ensure that the ecological systems of Earth are not exploited beyond their capacity to renew themselves. Environmental stewardship is a requisite for people who are dependent upon these systems for their own survival and well-being.

Basic Necessities Guaranteed to All

The basic necessities of life must be รก constitutional birth right of all members of society. People cannot attain their highest human potential if they lack food, shelter, clothing, health care and education. Meaningful employment with a living wage must be planned to ensure adequate purchasing capacity for all basic necessities. The standard of guaranteed minimum necessities should advance with increases in the economy's productive capacity.  

With more enterprises in the hands of their workers, people's earnings can increase, and often their work hours can gradually reduce while productivity and profitability progressively increase. 


For a benevolent society, it is essential that leaders are morally principled and dedicated to serving society as part of their personal progress. Authority should not be centred in the hands of individuals, but should be expressed through collective leadership. The viability of political democracy rests on an electorate possessing three factors: 

 education,
 socio-economic consciousness,
 ethical integrity.


Individuals should have complete freedom to acquire and express their ideas, creative potential and inner aspirations. Such intellectual and spiritual freedom will strengthen the collectivity. Restrictions should only be placed on actions clearly detrimental to the welfare of others. Constraints need to be placed on the accumulation of physical wealth, as excessive accumulation by a few results in the deprivation of many.  

Ideas and transpersonal excellence can be explored without compromising the wellbeing of others, whereas accumulating excess material wealth can have detrimental affects on others, especially in natural resources and basic necessities. 

Cultural Diversity

In the spirit of universal fellowship, PROUT encourages the protection and cultivation of local culture, language, history and tradition. For social justice and a healthy social order, individual and cultural diversity must be accepted and encouraged.  PROUT also encourages cultural synthesis through intercultural and community engagement. 

Women's Rights

PROUT encourages the struggle against all forms of violence and exploitation used to suppress women. PROUT's goal is coordinated cooperation, with equal rights between men and women. PROUT seeks the economic, social and spiritual empowerment of women throughout the world, in part through economic democracy. 

Science and Technology

Scientific knowledge and technology are potential assets to humanity. Through their proper use the physical hardships of life decreases, and knowledge is gained about life’s secrets.

Time is freed for cultural and spiritual pursuits. However, the development and utilization of scientific knowledge must come under the guidance of spiritual and NeoHumanist values and ethical leadership. Without this, technology is often abused by profiteers and the power-hungry, resulting in destruction and exploitation of life deserving of fulfillment. 

World Government

PROUT supports the creation of a world governance system having a global bill of rights, global constitution and common penal code in order to guarantee the fundamental rights of all individuals and nations, and to settle regional and international disputes. As the global economy becomes decentralized, it will be advantageous to also have a global political system through confederation of nations. 

Political Democracy can and will be fortuitous
when Economic Democracy is established.  

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