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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Taxation and Exploitation

PROUT advocates the abolition of income tax. When there is no income tax, nobody will try to accumulate contraband money. All money will be legitimate money. As a result there will be economic solidarity, an increase in trade and commerce, more investment, more employment and an improvement in the position of foreign exchange. Intellectuals should demand the abolition of income tax, for everybody, especially humans, of which corporations are not.  

Tax Meister Mikey sets things straight about taxes and values in our current economic dilemma. 

Human intelligence is subtle and sublime, a threshold of excellence in evolutionary continuum reaching a zenith, perhaps, in human birth, so far, on Earth.  While this progress is extraordinary, it must also continue, progressing from crude toward subtle with maximum utilization and rational distribution in every realm of life.  Material longings are constant while the materiel desired by humans is finite and less sublime than achieving human birth, and can never satisfy humanity's longing for infinity. 

Our rational minds, so evolved and growing, have overcome many obstacles through our evolutionary history, our rationality dispelling misconceptions born of fear, misinformation and misunderstanding, better managed by our evolving rationality, though that same rationality, an extraordinary feat when contrasted to animality, is subordinate to even subtler realms, intuitional realms anchored in conceptual centricity, i.e. subjective approach, while properly utilizing less subtle realms, including the resources of this vast Universe in fair and equitable manner. 

Predator consumptionists and accumulators hinder the evolution of humanity, and all too often other life forms, by their insatiable greed and avarice while treating, at first objects then life forms and finally, humans, as objects of consumption, negating their deservedness, in their own right, of life, their pursuit of happiness, and exploring their lives and this Universe as the mystery that it is, and as the umbilical envelopment of our perpetual and pervasive home, whatever the original reason for life may be. 

PROUT acknowledges the subtleties of life, particularly well expressed in human life, and encourages people and the enterprises within which they work to facilitate personal and collective evolution in subtler, more limitless realms of human endeavor and development, treating such as both a birthright and a responsibility, both personally and collectively. 

The operative structure of contemporary capitalism, industry or production is governed by the profit motive, whereas in the Proutistic structure production will be governed by the motive of consumption.  No need?  No production.  No shoving hyper-titillating anxieties upon society for people to consume things they really don't need. 

More about PROUT's progressive continuity can be found at links on either side, and a more detailed account of PROUT's tax structure contrasted with contemporary practices can be found here: [then click on "File" to download]. 

Across America people of conscience, just like you, are banding together proclaiming solidarity and demanding that corporate and other tax cheats pay their fair share.  Monday, April 18, in particular is a day of demonstrating this moral fortitude. 

Join others in your community HERE, simply enter your Zip code into the box to share in planned events or start your own and announce it to further a more ethical America and more ethical tax code, expected of all entities.