For a More Progressively Evolving Society

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introducing PROUT

PROUT (the Progressive Utilization Theory) is a new paradigm of development based on economic decentralism, social equity, bioregional integration, cultural empowerment, a planetary polity, bio-equality, and spiritual-humanism. As such, it compliments the critique of globalization with a deeply thought out and coherent alternative. Recognition of the value of this alternative developmental model has been slow to take root in the progressive community -- until now! 

PROUT models the way nature works. Those with knowledge of ecological science, complexity theory, systems theory, or the philosophical implications of quantum physics will feel a familiarity with its values, principles, and operational structure.

The Progressive Utilization Theory (PROUT) has been developed to meet humanity's need for a post-materialist, spirit-based social philosophy. It is  a social philosophy for a new era; an ideology grounded in expanded humanism, born of love, and sublime confidence.  PROUT cannot be characterized as either conservative or liberal; neither can it be called libertarian, socialist, or anarchist. It arises from its own values base, transcends the bipolarity of the left-right political spectrum, and possesses the strengths of many social philosophies.

A liberated society can only arise out of the liberated consciousness of individuals, and the liberated consciousness of individuals depends both on individual effort to develop inner awareness and upon a social environment that supports this effort.  In this spirit we present to you the Progressive Utilization Theory, PROUT.

Watch this brief video about the "Economics of PROUT"